• You’ll never realize…

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    How important you are to me. Honestly you saved me. This world is so cold and hard to handle but the fact that I always will have you is just more than I can bear. You always listen to what I have to say and it hurts you when I am hurting inside.

    I remember the first time we climbed up sunset just the two of us and we were so proud that we could do it. Every time we went climbing it was just about the two of us bonding and nothing else.

    Now you are gone and not living at home it is just really hard not getting to talk to you. I get so mad that you never seem to have the time to talk and I want to be able to tell you all about my life. It just seems like even when I visit we can’t talk the way we did with no judgement in our eyes. You just are different less caring and all about yourself. I mean I know you are trying to build a life for yourself but I need someone to just talk to. I have no friends here and I am so scared of going and signing up for the military. Everyone else just doesn’t get that maybe I just need to talk about those things and not have them telling me that this is what I have wanted. I just need someone to talk about the hard things that no one else gets. You aren’t going to be my best friend anymore because I just don’t matter that much to you any more. You are so far away and so distant how can I even possibly start to say how I feel.

    Big sister just because you are not my best friend any more doesn’t mean I don’t love you, it just means that all the things we use to share don’t mean as much as I thought they did.

    From a loving little sister who lost her best friend and her idol.

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