• You Deserve Better

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    Dear G,

    It was me who stole his heart. I was the one he texted late at night. I was the one who layed in his bed. I was the one who spent nights at his house, talking long after the bottles of beer were finished off and the cigarettes were gone. I was the one who invited him over to my empty house. I was the one who let this go too far.

    I would give anything to live your life. Given just that statement, many would be confused. Lukemia is nothing to envy, but that would be a minor issue to me if I were in your shoes. See, you found the perfect man. He is everything you could look for in a partner. Same tastes in music, style, drinks, friends. Same desires, same ambitions. He can make you feel like this most beautiful creature to ever walk this Earth.

    But still, he’s with you. He chooses you. Take comfort knowing that some stupid little girl with a stupid little crush wont make him leave you. While you do deserve better, someone who wouldn’t let me get to him in the first place, I hope that if you could redo the moment you fell for him you would never change that.

    You are beautiful, strong, intelligent, and lucky. Consider your illness as a testament to your strength. Thrive, live everyday happier than the last.

    But most of all, never let him go.

    Sincerely, M.

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