• What I Wish You Knew

    by  • June 23, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Friends • 0 Comments

    I’m not exactly sure what to call you anymore. We used to be best friends. You helped me through the worst times in my life and we told each other everything. I loved knowing that you were there for me no matter what.

    Then the new school year started. You got a girlfriend from a different school, and I worried that you wouldn’t need me as a friend anymore because you had her, but you assured me that we would always be friends.

    Just like suspected, we started talking less and less. You would ignore my texts and rarely answer my phone calls, I felt abandoned. You then got a new girlfriend, one of whom I knew nothing about, and you used to tell me everything about your girlfriends. I knew that you were happy with her but I just wish you could be happy with her and me still as your friend. Our communication was down to an occasional “hello” in the hallways. I had lost my best friend, the only one I could truly open up too.

    It was two months of silence before you texted. You wanted to know if we had any classes together next year. I was so relieved that we started talking again, but I’m too scared to tell you how much you had hurt me, even if you didn’t mean too. But what scares me even more is that I don’t know how long it will be before you put me in the silence again.

    I hope that you are always happy, even if we can’t be happy together.
    I will always remember you as the best friend I ever had.

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