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    I have to be careful since i showed you some of the letters I wrote to you on here…though I am pretty sure you will not find this, or even look for it. You hurt me so much – I never thought it would get to this. I guess I thought you were in love with me. I guess I thought we were right for each other. I wanna say sorry for making the break up such a messy disaster…you were right about at least one thing – we aren’t right for each other. I hope you’re happy..but I also hope you realize what you lost. I guess it sounds a bit childish, but I hope you think of me as the one who got a way. I don’t regret the time we spent together – I will carry the memories with me forever and a day. I loved you deeply and although I do not think we will get married any longer, I know you were my first true love…and I hope someday you too can look back at us and feel joy and love.

    I’m sorry snuggle puppy.

    I love you- I hope someday we are friends.

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