• My sweetheart forever

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    You always know how to make me smile, and make me laugh so hard that I choke on my spit. You know all of the right things to do and say when i’m feeling sad, or when i’m upset. You know how to handle me better than I do.

    I just wish that I could do the same.

    You helped me stop cutting myself, you took the first knife away and when I began to trust you more, when I really fell for you; I gave you the other. There is so much about me that you have learned, but there is still so much more that you can only guess at, even though you can read me like a book.

    I just wish that I could do the same.

    You did so much for me, gave up so much just to be with me, just for a chance, a slim shot. It worked. I am completely hooked on you, there is nothing else I would rather have than your hand around mine. You make me feel loved, wanted and happy.

    I just wish that I could do the same.

    You are so perfect for me, but I am so scared that you will leave, find something, someone better than me, someone who can give you everything you want, do the things that I cant. You tell me not to worry, that I am all you will ever want and need, but a part of me whispers that i’m just got good enough.

    So many have already told me that i’m just not good enough. I’m just a failure and will never be good enough. A dark part of my mind says that I will never be happy, that this fluttering of my heart will stop and you are just a dream. I am so afraid to lose you, you are the only thing that is good in my life.

    So if you want me, I will be your sweetheart forever, I will never leave your side and I will always be there for you to kiss. I will even marry you, like you asked once. Just please don’t go away. Don’t leave me alone again. I need you, more than I can say. I love you more than I can say.

    Just be my sweetheart forever.

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