• Mr wonderful?

    by  • June 23, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Closure • 0 Comments

    Before you moved in with us you would often say that we lived in a piece of heaven. And we do. We live in a small liberal town with wonderful neighbors. Our home is simple but there is so much happiness. There are many beautiful things about this place we hoped you would discover…the people here are nicer than anywhere and there is such a sense of peace.

    You and she had been married previously. When you moved in, it seemed that you assumed that you had the right to disrespect her repeatedly. She said that she had hoped you had changed, but no, you were actually worse. I watched and listened.

    The other day you posted a story of yourself having a conversation with a mentally challenged man in wal mart. He is a gentle soul well loved by those who know him. You clearly did not bother to learn this. Your statement in Facebook indicated that you saw him as an ignorant biased hayseed (because he professed his belief in Christ to you…the righteous militant activist pagan). You even had a picture of yourself taken in a parody of what you think of us ignorant kentuckians. There you were holding your bottle of yoo hoo, which is actually not a big drink of choice here, leering into the camera trying to look as dumb as you think we all are.

    And now I get to be the bitch who ends your stay in this little piece of heaven. Have a ball back in new jersey. God help the cognitively challenged folks in Montclair. Go be Mr. Wonderful somewhere else!

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