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    50 favourite things:
    1. 3 pairs of earrings I claimed out of my late grandmothers possessions
    2. My wall of Polaroid photos across my bathroom tiles
    3. My bed
    4. Social networking
    5. My school art teacher
    6. My dads vintage ski jumper- which I will forever use as a blanket
    7. Vitamin water
    8. Sushi
    9. Frozen yoghurt
    10. My small collection of prized high heels
    11. Tea, and of course coffee
    12. My aunties ability to fight to watch cartoons and never anything serious
    13. How easily my friends can take the mick out of me. Constantly.
    14. My phone
    15. Ed Sheeran
    16. Sadly, The Twilight Saga
    17. Shopping
    18. Skype
    19. A ring I was given by a boy when I was 13
    20. Parties
    21. Asos.com
    22. Painting in watercolours and inks
    23. The words actually, amazing, and seriously.
    24. Sales
    25. Skiing, although I’ve only been once
    26. Stumbleupon.com
    27. Vogue, and vanity fair
    28. Chanel lipstick I bought in Paris, and have only ever worn once, and was 29 euros
    29. The smell of my dads aftershave
    30. The smell of my dads coconut hair gel
    31. My grandmothers nervous giggle
    32. Leggings
    33. Men’s tracksuit bottoms
    34. Weddings
    35. My birthday
    36. Canon EOS 1000D, my SLR camera
    37. A torn, stained photo of my late grandmother as a newborn, we discovered in a chest of her possessions
    38. The surprise hugs my friends Chloe gives from behind you when you least expect it
    39. When my dad made me pray for him to receive a new guitar on Christmas Eve when I was 6, and in the morning it was magically sitting on our living room floor, and he then named it after me.
    40. Getting my nails done
    41. Going into ‘Big London’ as my friend calls it for lunch in China Town
    42. My family’s favourite little restaurant in Southern Italy, the best steak in the world for 10 Euros
    43. My nicknames such as Fifi, Evielyn, Hillster, Evosticks, eves, thumper (after a fainting phase), and my all time favourite- Evie Master.
    44. The Kardashians
    45. Oddly, action and some sci-fi movies
    46. Mine and my dads ritual of watching Some like it Hot, various times a year, to satisfy my obsession with Marilyn Monroe my dad instilled in me
    47. Looking back at my diary I wrote when I was around 7- 10 years old
    48. When my mum frequently asks me what certain chav words me, most recently, ‘Mandem’.
    49. My friend, Tarans hair, which I would kill for.
    50. Being born in to a totally eclectic, unique family, and being raised the was I am.

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