• listen.

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    they say that love makes you blind. true.

    when all your friends say he’s a douchebag, listen to them.
    when all his exes are crazy bitches, take a second to think about that.
    when he has a history of cheating, know that he’ll do it again.
    when he tells you who he wants you to hang out with, or not hang out with, reconsider it.
    when he continues to smoke and do drugs even after he promises you he’ll cut back, think about what else he could be lying about.
    when he lies to you once about hanging out with an ex, break up with him.
    when he seduces you with “i love you” and “i’ve never felt this way before”, remember he’s a womanizer.

    when you finally realize that he is exactly what you kept promising yourself and others that he was not, END IT.

    you deserve happiness, you deserve freedom, you deserve the carefree attitude of a beautiful teenage girl. embrace it, don’t look back, and don’t regret it. you are stronger than you have ever been.

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