• Just So You Know.

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    I’ve never been the girl that has it all together.
    I’ve never been the girl that has felt like love would come.
    I’ve never been the girl to get the guy I wanted.
    I’ve always been the girl in that group of friends, but
    I’ve always been the funny one that no one has taken seriously,
    Until I met you.
    Our time was short, but it was a few months that I’ll never forget. After going on countless first and second dates, you came along when I had least expected. From the start, everything was great. Our personalities clicked and everything worked perfectly. In the past I had always been cautious and questioned everything, but things were different with you.
    I wish the girl before me wouldn’t have hurt you so badly so that you shut yourself out when we became close. I can honestly say I have never loved someone before you, and I don’t know how long it will be until I find someone else who can even compare. As stupid as it is, I think about you constantly – all the “what ifs” about then and about the future. Even though it’s been months, I still have some hope that if/when we see eachother out, which is bound to happen, the feelings we both had will come back. As far fetched as it is, I can’t help but hope that one day we’ll come back together.
    I wish with everything I have that I could send you this letter, but I never will. I wish with everything that I have that we could have another chance, but I know chances are it won’t happen. And I wish that someone would come along and make me feel how you made me feel, but I don’t know how long I’ll have to wait.
    I love you.
    I miss you.
    I thank you for the time we spent together and for making me feel like those girls that have it all.

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