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    Dear future Mr. Right,

    I say I don’t want to be married. I say I don’t believe in love. I don’t understand how you can “love” someone for 60 years when people change constantly. Your not going to be who you are now in 60 years, who’s to say I will still “love” you. I blame my parents and other married siblings, they all seem so miserable while my single brother is the happiest of them all. I say there is no way I could ever be dependent on someone, I have to have my space to do my own thing.

    People start at me and think I am crazy when they here this. They think that something must be wrong with me. Im always asked who im dating dating and why im not engaged yet. I say Im only 21 and I have a long life to live, no need to get tied down just yet. That curbs their curiosity for the moment but they come back and question me again, thats when I tell them its just not for me and I give them that laundry list of reasons.

    In reality my dream is to have a white picket fence with little kids running around and a husband coming home from work. In reality I can’t imagine someone loving me, much less someone loving me for 60 years. In reality my single brother is so very lonely and has distanced himself from my family because they are all married and have a life outside of us. In reality i’m terrified that no one will want me.

    In reality I say I don’t want it so that when I don’t get it I won’t be disappointed…

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