• I’m Sorry

    by  • June 23, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Gratitude • 0 Comments

    Dear Nikki, Meghan, and Courtney,

    You guys are my very best friends. And i wanted to say sorry.

    I’m sorry for all those months where I refused to eat anything.
    I’m sorry for crying almost everyday.
    I’m sorry for never being there for you,
    and I’m sorry for being to tired and depressed to care.
    I’m sorry for only talking about food, or weight
    and the time where I showed you guys all of my scars, and scared you.
    I’m sorry for being insecure
    and for not getting help sooner,
    and for all those sleepovers where I woke up screaming, from the nightmares
    and for screaming when you told me I was too thin.
    I’m sorry if I ever made you worried or scared.

    But I also want to thank you.

    Thank you for always being there.
    Thank you for urging me to eat when I was afraid to.
    Thank you for visiting me in the hospital.
    Thank you for hanging out with me, even if I wasn’t fun.
    Thank you for getting me help,
    and giving me a reason to live.


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