• I Love(d) you

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    i probably won’t tell you this or it will be way later in life but i was in love with you the first time i met you. You were a breath of fresh air and funny and nice. At a dance i gave you my number and you texted me right after. You were different than what i was attracted to. I dated athletes: you were a “skater” were had no muscle what so ever. You were innocent and shy around me but still told me how you felt. You told me you liked me, but i didn’t want a relationship but you did care. Then you started to go down hill. You started talking to other girls and telling me that they liked you and hug out with them. finally you went out with one (still told me you liked me) then another (still told me you liked me) and finally her. When you were going out with her you would text me cute things tell me you secretly liked me, and that you wanted to hangout and kiss me. You know how that made me feel?? you were dragging me along with you. You had her but wanted me to. i was your doll you could play with when no one was looking. You finally broke up with her. we started to talk and hang out more in the summer. you told me i was the only girl you had liked this much. We went out in August. you also started to change. started to wear weird clothes and stay and act weird. you started to change into a person i was embarrassed of but i liked you anyway. we started fighting. you told me you were in love with me. i told you i loved you. then you started not to be fun anymore. you got needy and constantly asking me what’s wrong and if i was mad at him for no reason, he got tooo emotional. but i still loved him, but i had to end it. i am not an emotional person and you were too heavy. We broke up November 12, 2010. we kept talking. and fighting and making up. finally you did something that i could never forget. you hooked up with one of my good friends. right infront of me, when a week earlier you had told me you loved me. again you played me. you messed with my head and my emotions and then ripped then apart by going after her. she was the girl you should you would never have any interest in. the girl that you thought was unattractive because how she acted with guys. you made me feel special, but you ripped that out. when i found out: i didn’t cry, i didn’t lock myself up in my room. i just promised myself that i would be done with you forever. you broke me. i can’t feel the way i felt anymore, i am a brick wall now, because you made me like this, you did. you texted me and said that you still loved me and that hooking up with her made you realize that she wasn’t me and no one could replace me in your heart. you are horrible. you can’t keep playing me like this. i told you how i was done and how you crushed me, but every now and then you will text me trying to flirt and call me beautiful and tell me you love me. you know how much it hurts. every time i see your name, i think of our past and how messed up it is and how it messed me up. cant you just be done playing with my head already! because i’m done letting you. we can just be friends. i don’t care if you love me, i want this to be over. i want to be able to move on. goodbye

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