• i love you

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    to adam <3

    i love you my angel, i’m not sure whether to show this to you or not i just want to show people how much i love you. you make me impossibly happy. you’re my ray of sunshine when i’m surrounded by darkness. i love how open i can be with you and that i make you happy too. you are my life. i couldn’t bear to be without you. there’s nothing more that i want than to be with you forever. life would be dreadful without you. you saved me when i needed you most and i’m so glad because you make my shitty life worthwhile. i love you. i know how nervous you were to ask me out but i’m eternally grateful that you did.

    it’s adorable that you call me kitten and stroke my face as if i’m all that you care about. i love you looking into my eyes because i can see how much you love me. i could never be without you. i love you. you’re gorgeous. i don’t care if you don’t believe me. i’m right you are amazing. i love your bright blue eyes and your cheeky smile. i don’t care that you aren’t tall i love everything about you. well except that you wear hats indoors đŸ˜› you make me so happy. it hasn’t even been a year yet and i’ve fallen for you 100% you are my life. i love you. i love you. i love you. never forget that. i want you forever angel.

    all my love forever
    kitten xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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