• I am just embarrassed

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    Dear You,

    i am very embarrassed. It’s embarrassing to think i dated you for so long. 4 years….

    it’s embarrassing to think we broke up 2 months ago and now you’re dating my “friend”…that’s embarrassing…

    I am so pissed that for the first month and a half we broke up, i WAS over you. or at least i thought so. I KNEW i was better off, i knew i deserved better. All my friends thought that you were such a douche bag and i defended you….youre welcome.

    But now, i am so embarrassed. they were right about you. you treated me so poorly. it makes me ill thinking about it. seeing you with her makes me want to throw up…i hope you tell her shes gorgeous..because even though i HATE her right now…at one point she was my realllly good friend and every girl deserves to be told they are beautiful.

    i am embarrassed that you treated me like shit and i let it slide…you never told me i was beautiful, gorgeous, or pretty. maybe that’s why my confidence is so low…

    it’s embarrassing that you loved that god damn car more than me… you know, you were the biggest piece of shit sometimes…

    its just embarrassing that i let you treat me like a bag of shit for so long…if my “friend” ever realizes youre a scrum bag and leaves you….at least you have your car right?!

    Fuck you!….oh wait, fuck both of you.


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