• Grow up.

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    Do you ever feel like you’re the parent and your parents are the children? It’s absolutely ridiculous.

    When we take the cat to the vet, she doesn’t care about what YOU think is wrong with him, or how YOU think it happened. Especially when you only half-finish every thought. Just pick the cat up and let the vet figure it out.

    The cashier at the grocery store really doesn’t care about why you’re buying a lot of ice cream. That person in front of you in line? He doesn’t care how delicious the juice that he’s buying tastes- he probably already knows considering he’s buying it. People don’t want to hear your life story, and you need to learn to stop telling it to them.

    Your problems with dad? Cool. Find someone your own age to complain to. Honestly, I’m getting sick of it. Your kids have been telling you to get a divorce for YEARS. You never listen to us, because you’re so goddamn immature.

    You couldn’t make a decision to save your life. You have the WORST mood swings. One day you say you don’t mind working or whatever because it’s a source of income. The next day you complain about how much you hate dad and hate your job and everything.

    You complain about so many things that could so easily be fixed. But you never actually get up and do them.

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    1. just Kate
      June 23, 2011 at 7:52 am

      I feel like me or my sister wrote this.. only my sister isn’t in the house so she probably didn’t. I just have a question, I’m assuming you are still living at home? Because I recently moved out and my parents got SO much better, they still fight and still have their annoying quirks but they get along a bit better, they have to because there is no one else around. If that helps any, I don’t know. It’s uncanny how similar our parents sound though. Good luck and stay calm, no matter what they are your parents. <3

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