• Goodbye, Chip

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    It’s been over ever since you told me that you were moving across the country. But we said that we’d have one last weekend and make the best of the time we had left. I didn’t hear from you after we set it up. It hurts worse not hearing from you and you standing me up for that weekend that all of the stuff that you have done to me. I’ve cried for weeks straight about you moving but mostly about how stupid I feel for letting you in. I’m getting better now. I still think about you every once in a while. I’ll think of small moments that I remember that we had together. Like the time when we talked on skype for hours and we ended up falling asleep together because we were so tired. Or the time that we stayed up all night laughing and talking and kissing in the courtyard outside my dorm.

    Now I got up the courage to delete you from my phone, but I still see your posts on facebook. It hurts to know that you’ve moved on so fast. It makes me feel like you never cared. Did you really mean it when you said how much you cared about me and that there was something more to us? I guess not.

    I’m moving on. It still hurts every day but I’m getting over you. I’m not blind to the things that you’ve done to hurt me. Like how you would talk to me for weeks and then just “randomly” stop. How whenever we were together all you wanted to do was screw around. How you always put your problems first. How you always called yourself stupid. It’s probably almost as annoying it is when I complain about how I look. And I know that I can find someone who will treat me better. Someone who’s ten times better. I hope you find someone who makes you happy, especially in the type of situation that you’re in.

    I still miss you.
    But I need to move on.

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