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    I went to the salon yesterday. My usual stylist was on vacation so I went to another person in the same salon. Thinking that the level of quality would be the same. Boy was I wrong. You sucked! I had to walk you through the whole damn haircut. I would think that a person who cut hair for a living would know “surprise, surprise” how to cut hair. I was trying to be nice and polite, but it was so obvious that you had no clue what you were doing. Then, the balliage I asked for, also, was awful. It wasn’t even a real balliage. This was just your half-ass attempt at balliage. But I let you use foil like you asked not because I had no clue that you sucked, but because I was damn scared what would happen to my hair if you did it any other way! Plus, standing up and just walking out wasn’t an option, since I consider my usual stylist to be my friend. I didn’t want her coworkers thinking her friend is a total bitch. I was trying very hard not to be rude to you. But it was so hard not to be! In the end, I did get the haircut that somewhat resembled what I wanted. Considering I told you, “Cut here, add another layer here, don’t do framing, et cetera”. Usually when I get my hair cut all I have to explain is the general concept of what I want in the beginning. Then my stylist does what I want. Sometimes asking me if it would be ok to make a few changes because of my hair type. On the other hand, I had to tell you multiple times what I wanted, for goodness sake I even had to tell you to part my hair after washing it! It was frustrating. The “balliage” I got though was not what I wanted. Lesson learned: If your stylist is on vacation and you’re dying to get a haircut don’t go. Wait it out until your stylist comes back because if you don’t you’ll end up getting a person who has no idea what they are doing. To top it off this shit cost $165 plus the tip I left you. Yes, I left you a tip. Even though, I hate the way you cut hair! I know you said that this was what you should be doing. But I think you’re wrong. This is not something you are very good at!

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