• Friends or Enemies?

    by  • June 23, 2011 • Friends • 0 Comments

    See, I don’t usually write letters because i’m not much of the writer but maybe this will get my feelings out. I’ve known you since the 5th grade and we’ve been up ad down a million times since then. Lets start with the fact that I love you and I will no matter what, I don’t know what it is about you that keeps me being your best friend and your safe place no matter how many times you stab at my insecurities and make me feel like everything I am is wrong. I am loud and very positive and have the defensive mechanism of high confidence when on the inside i’m fairly insecure. You know me better than anyone but to be fair I know just as much about you, as you know about me. But I would NEVER let it get out or pass at your insecurities. In my past I have been many things including a drama queen and even more insecure, weird and so many other things. Those may be flaws, but a bestfriends seeks and helps you with your flaws, not points them out and puts you down for them. You have many, but I love every single one of them and no matter what mood you’re in I would do anything to bring you up again. But yet when it comes to me everything I do and say is wrong, and when i’m acting a certain “way” even if I’m not, in your head you have the idea that I am acting that way andyou push at it. And i’m sick and tired of the constant pushing at who i am, we’re up and down like a married couple but I can’t always deal with this. Either you deal with who I am and love it or don’t be my friend. I am who I am and will never change that for anybody, not even someone I love to death, because if they really loved me back they’d love me for exactly who I am and don’t pull out random reasons to say i’m a bitch or a bad person. Yeah I wanna say something but I don’t want hte drama and up an down of what you already know your doing, because your doing it and I know you down to the core, I know who you are ont he inside out and I know it better than ANYONE, almost as much as your family. Love me or leave me, and sometimes in this case too of a “best” friendship, whe you lvoe someone let them go. I will e mature and won’t point at your insecurities but I will for one step away if things don’t change for good. Sometimes I feel really close to you but sometimes your a perfect stranger. Everything happens for a reason, lets see this ending. But hey, who needs enemies with friends like these?

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