• Fallen for him….but is he right for me?

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    I don’t even know where to begin…
    There’s just something about you!
    I’ve dated before….but no one has made me feel the way you do!
    You say everything girls dream of hearing!
    You shower me with affection and compliments
    You were my first kiss, just 2 days ago actually (i’m 18 and had been saving it for someone I actually cared about)
    And it was amazing!
    I can’t get it out of my head!
    I can’t get you out my head!

    But there is one problem…
    You’re not the “best” of kids
    I always said I would never date a guy that drinks.
    And you drink.
    Not since we were dating but you beg me to “allow” you to.
    But i don’t want to.
    I do not agree with going out partying and just getting drunk
    it’s just not cool, and in all truth I think it’s trashy.
    but i’m falling for you…big time.

    You aren’t a virgin either.
    But that doesn’t bother me as much becuase you regret it
    or at least that’s what you tell me.
    I’m a christian, and so are you, and that’s why it’s so easy for me to forgive you because we’re not to judge and if God forgives our past I can definitely forgive you of yours

    Another thing is my parents despise tattoos.
    You gotta understand i’m this good girl, 4.0 grades, going to college and want to get the best out of life and live it how God intends me to.
    And he wants a tattoo. He already has one.
    But the fact that he is getting another one and my parents are so adamently against it really bothers them
    which in return really bothers me
    because i feel like i’m disappointing them.

    So i’m in this pickle i guess you could say…
    I’ve already fallen for this guy.
    But i know my parents are not fond of him.
    And the Bible says to honor your mother and father.
    So what’s right?

    I just don’t know.

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