• Dear Sorority Sisters

    by  • June 23, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Betrayal • 0 Comments

    Dear Sorority Sisters,

    While over the last two years I have dedicated my time, ambition, devotion and spirit to you I now am torn whether to spend another two years with you or not.

    To the sisters who lied to my face because one of you works with me and got too drunk to come to work- I wish you would own up to the fact that you lied to one sister to protect another. I am damn proud to manage the establishment I do and for your to treat me the way you did and to miss work like that really cuts everything.

    If you really had the utmost respect for me like you said you do, you would have told me the truth in the first place, or at least had the decency to talk about this to my face rather than call the whole thing ridiculous or fail to understand why I am still so hurt by your betrayl.

    I loved our sorority and what we stood for until all of your partying got out of hand and wrecked everything I was so proud to stand for.

    So maybe if you can get your drinking in control instead of becoming premature alcoholics, and start acting like the strong, mature women I know you can be, then I can come back this fall.

    Best wishes in rehab,
    Your unsure sister

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