• Dear Old Me

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    Things you will learn in the next 10 months:

    1. Listen to your friends – when they say your boyfriend isn’t treating you right, really think about what they are saying. Chances are, you are thinking the same thing deep down.

    2. Cheating isn’t OK – no matter how lonely you feel, it will all only blow up in your face. Is it really worth not being able to look at yourself in the mirror anymore?

    3. Own up to your mistakes – do you really feel better knowing that your boyfriend has no idea what you get up to on nights out? Even if you are only trying to protect his feelings?

    4. College is your number one priority now – you worked so hard to get here. You put your life on hold for the past two years and you paid for it last summer. First year of college was the best experience of your life, just don’t mess second year up as badly.

    5. Friends change – your best friends from secondary school play a very little part in your life now. You have got to work to keep them, they won’t come to you.

    6. Don’t let vanity go to your head – you are getting noticed by boys now, something you have never known before. Keep your head and don’t do anything stupid, there will always be plenty of boys interested.

    7. He’s not worth it – you are not worth being insulted every day of your life and feeling like crap. There are plenty of other boys out there waiting to treat you even better. Just because he was your first option doesn’t mean he will be your last.


    8. Learn to let people in – you might end up hurt but in the end it’s for the best. It will make you the strong woman you are today and you will have no regrets. At least you know you tried.

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    1. Britt
      June 23, 2011 at 12:19 pm

      Powerful. I definitely wish I knew half these things, too, during my second year at college. Especially number 4-7. Hopefully this year I’ll learn to lay off the booze and boys, and focus on my physical and mental health.. I believe you will, since you have already seemed to realize your mistakes, and instead of dwelling on them, you’ve accepted that it has happened and learned from them. Hope your second year of college goes as you hope! =)

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