• Come on get higher, loosen my lips

    by  • June 23, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Confession • 0 Comments

    I will be far too shy to admit this to you for a long time yet, but – when we were texting just now, with you working third shift and me sitting home doing nothing much? And I offered to make up something more exciting to entertain you, and you were trying to get me to tell you what I meant? I didn’t mean something with pirates or illegal activity at all; I was angling in my own awkward way towards starting a suggestive/sexy conversation, only I chickened out and was hoping you’d get the hint and take the lead. Too bad the truck came and you actually had to work… because I think you might have. And I think I would have enjoyed it mightily. I miss you so damn much, and while I want so badly to do “suggestive/sexy” things to you in person, I will settle for a late-night text conversation, that’s how bad this hunger is getting. Suppose I’ll just have to wait a while – although hopefully some of this frustration and tension will work itself out when I see you on Sunday, and I’ll get enough of you that I won’t be so scared of how you’d react if I tried some harmless semi-sexting, late at night when we’re both bored and lonely. 😉

    You know how I am, I could barely admit to you the one time that my idea for your response to me kissing your cheek was for you to kiss my neck – you had to chase me down and cuddle it out of me, remember? I wish I wasn’t so awkward, because there are so many things that I want to do that I know aren’t shameful or embarrassing, and I know you probably want to do them too, but I’m just so terribly insecure in some ways. I’m not even sure what I’m so afraid of, because it isn’t like you’ll break up with me over asking for a kiss. Besides, we’ve had some good flirting sessions via text – whipped cream comes to mind – and all I want is a little more of that sugar. (Okay, maybe I want to kick it up a notch because I’m horny and have nothing to do but sit around and think about you – but who would blame me, you’re an easy man to fantasize about!)

    I wish I could tell you this, I really do – it’s just so awkward when I can’t see your face and gauge your reaction right away, so I’m going to wait until we finally have some time alone, when I can lay my head on your chest and try to keep you from tickling me, and see whether tickling and suggestions of whipped cream can be be pushed just a little bit farther. 😉


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