• Blame – #2

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    What the hell.

    You all always do this.
    This damn child is out of control. She’s wild.
    She disrespects everyone, and you guys don’t do jack, except place the blame on me and the other kids.

    What the hell did we do why we’re getting punishment?

    This is exactly the reason why I don’t live in this house with you.
    This is the reason why.

    Everyone must do things for Anika. Everyone must wash her dishes, clean up her mess.

    You told me not to slap her when she’s rude. And now she has absolutely no respect for me. She’s completely disrespectful, she pisses me off all the time. And then I go and tell you, parents, and what do you do??
    Dad – “oh, just leave her alone. Let her do what she wants”. <- So we don't call you.
    Mom – "Everyone is in trouble". <- Wth. Does that make sense?
    You told me not to slap her, and to call you. I call you, and everyone gets in trouble.
    I'm damned whether I do or whether I don't. That's how it is.
    That's why I will never come back to live with you guys.
    That's why I fell into depression.
    What the hell kind of messed up family makes their child fall into depression to the point of suicidal.
    This one.

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