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    Dear Best Friend,

    We’ve only been friends for 6 months. We became best friends quickly-too quickly I thought, but it turned out okay. We were-not in love, but we were both very much attracted to each other at first. Before we even met each other. We almost had something. But I realized as we grew closer I could never love you the way you need to be loved and the way I need to love someone. I made it pretty clear without saying it. I know we talked about it later and laughed about how it might have worked out. You have a girlfriend now and I am happy for you. Truly. I guess what I wanted to say was that I am sorry. I know that it was more of my fault that we could never work out. I guess fault isn’t the right word, but anyway. I just hope I did not hurt you. I hope I didn’t break your heart. I am glad we can still be best friends. Guy and girl relationships can sometimes be difficult, and ours is sometimes, but I am grateful to have your friendship. And I am flattered that you were attracted to me. I have never known anyone to be attracted to me before and it really, well, helped my self-esteem. I hope I get to meet your girlfriend soon, so I can be sure you are happy. I love you-as a friend loves a friend, as a sister loves a brother. Nothing more, but certainly nothing less.

    Your Best Friend,

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