• You shouldn’t hide

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    Dear Emily,

    People aren’t scary, like you think. People aren’t anything you should place on a pedestal to look at from afar. People are just like YOU, with insecurities, loneliness, imperfections, and faults… just like you. You can make friends, and get along with people and have meaningful friendships. I promise.

    I’m so sorry for all the things I’ve done to give you an inferiority complex when I was younger; being an older sister does not mean that I can do everything better than you. You are special, and unique, and beautiful, and perfectly capable of being an independent and amazing person. Please don’t be afraid. It’s a blessing that you are different, and you should never be ashamed of that wonderful trait. You can do whatever you want on your own, and you’ll have my full support.

    Don’t believe every opinion that Mama might have of people. She doesn’t know everything- those are just her opinions. Those people that Mama spoke negatively of turned out to be nicer than you anticipated, remember? Don’t let her influence you so much. The only reason she doesn’t talk to people is because she’s also afraid to. And being critical of someone is just an excuse for her to avoid them. Simple as that.

    You have every right to make lots of friends. There’s no reason for you to be lonely. The world deserves to share in your amazing personality, and it’s such a waste that you keep it locked up at home so much. You could really meet some awesome people. Life is too short to be shy.

    Your older sister

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