• was I not good enough

    by  • June 22, 2011 • The Ex • 0 Comments

    was I not good enough for you? I gave you everything-I gave you one of the most important things I had to offer my virginity, we both gave it to each other. But you couldn’t be happy with who I was-I was too clingy you said. All I wanted was to be with you and give you my love even if it was just for a minute. But no I wasn’t good enough, you still had feelings for your ex-you said you missed her, and I knew you missed her in the girlfriend way-We were together for 9 months! You broke my heart-I felt I didn’t give enough, didn’t try hard enough-that I should have changed. And changed I did, I had to push away a huge part of me for you-I did it to make our relationship better. But no! I had a feeling that you were doing something you weren’t suppose to be doing-I got that feeling when you were away from your cell to look at it-that I NEEDED TO SEE what was in your text messages. I did, and boy what I found KILLED me. I can’t believe you were flirting and who knows what else with my friend. I screamed and yelled at you YOU BETTER EXPLAIN! WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT! EXPLAIN NOW! DON’T TOUCH ME! WAS I NOT GOOD ENOUGH!? I GAVE YOU FUCKING EVERYTHING! EVERYTHING! To this day I still hurt. I hurt cause I feel I wasn’t good enough that I’ll never be good enough. I hurt cause I feel like such a fool-that I deserved better that what you gave me. I hurt cause I CHANGED myself for YOU.

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