• To the boy who broke my heart.

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    Dear Heartbreaker,

    There is so much I want to say to you. First, you are crazy to lose me. I was completely in love with you, and that will take a while to get over. You made me think I was going to be more than just the girl you run to when you are lonely. For six years, I have been consumed by you. I have ruined wonderful relationships, lost friends, and I have become a completely different person because of you. I am an amazing person. I would have have been the perfect girlfriend, best friend, wife, and mom to the children you “said” you wanted to have with me. Getting engaged my senior year of college? What a joke. You are a complete joke. Everything about you. I am trying so hard to get over you. I was desperately hoping when I made you choose between us, the choice would be me. You gave me false hope about everything in my life. I had a future planned out with you. Just so you know, I hate you. You cannot control my life anymore. One day when you realize what a terrible decision you made by choosing her, I will be with someone who chose ME. I would not be disappointed if I never seen your face or heard your name again.


    The One That Got Away

    P.S.-Thanks for fucking me over, it was greatly appreciated. Enjoy your life with someone who will never trust you. Maybe she likes all the extra weight you’ve gained over the years because I sure don’t. 🙂

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