• Sweetheart, darling, love of my life.

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    Dear Ai;

    This may be completely naive, and I might make a complete and total fool of myself for you in public, but hey. It’s not like I could care.

    Reason being why I can’t care? I have the other half to my whole, sitting somewhere in Florida, just chillin’ all cool like in the hot sun.

    I know I probably sound childish, but, we were only children when we met. Although my childhood was majorly screwed up, you were always the boy I wish I had as a neighbor. Maybe you could have stopped some of the bad stuff that happened to me as a child.

    Even though you weren’t able to stop the bad stuff in my life, you’re able to accept that bad stuff, and that’s really all that matters. It doesn’t matter that I had a horrible father, or that I had to take care of my younger sister all the time, thus sacrificing my childhood for hers. It doesn’t matter to you, and that’s what makes you special to me.

    So special, that it was hard for me not to fall in love with you. That day you came to me, foolin’ around after I had just ended it with an guy who couldn’t ever really love me, really cheered me up. When you pushed your hands onto my cheeks, and kept wiping back the tears like a car’s windshield wipers, I couldn’t help but laugh. Even hugging me after such a fearless move, really cheered me up.

    Can you believe it, Ai? I was afraid of you before you did that. You always seemed like a crazy tweaker like a lot of the other guys we knew, but in all reality, you just knew how to have fun again, a skill it seems like many of the adults and others we know today, never ever remember how to use correctly when they’re past the age of 30. Some how, you remembered how to stay fun.

    Even when I fully learned about you, in the summer which I now dub as the summer of love, following one of my favorite mangas, learned that you never had a dad either, [although we both GENETICALLY had a dad, I chose to forget mine.] that you could cook, that you were always in a perpetual state of melting, due to the Florida heat, that you loved freezer pops just as much as I did, and we were both how old now? I knew you were the piece I was missing in my life. You, of all people, Ai, the most childish guy I knew, was the missing half of my whole, I was smitten from the start.

    Still to this day, we hold a record for never arguing, although we still get mad at each other, pout, struggle in mini wrestling matches, and end up kissing each other better, I believe this is true love. You know when to be mature when it’s warranted, you call school your job, and you think I’m one of the most beautiful things to ever happen to you. That’s a job well cut out for you. You think the girl who thinks that she’s the most ugly thing in the world is beautiful. Keep thinkin’ that way, because you never know when I really need to hear that the most.

    Love, with all her heart, soul, and rawr-ness,

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