• Sleep? why miss out on life

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    Sleep. I sometimes forget why it is important.

    I don’t like naps because it’s a waste of the day. day is lovely there is sun and people and everything is open. I like to be out or in anywhere actually just doing something. walking window shopping actually shopping day dreaming laying in the sun going to the lake with my family anything or nothing.

    Night is great too, I like how it’s peaceful. i like the smells and noises and the parties. I like the relaxing nights without parties. i like it when im home alonee and even more when my family is actually home i like the walks at night and even more the night runs.

    I don’t like to waste time sleeping there is just too much in life that isn’t worth wasting by sleeping so i am content with staying up until 5 in the morning sleeping til 9 and then going on with my day boring or full of activities.

    Sleep? sometimes i truly forget why it is important at all.

    sleepless beauty

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