• second chance.

    by  • June 22, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Lost Love • 0 Comments

    You and i are perfect. we are each other’s matches and at one point in time we both felt it. i told you that you were the ‘boy version’ of me. and you agreed meaning we were so similar it was crazy. the whole time we dated i was so crazy about you and i know you were too. the way you looked at me and held me and kissed me. you always brushed my arm when it was around you. you made me laugh and smile which was the brightest light in my life. it has been several months since our downfall. you cant be with anyone because you will son move away to go after a dream. i want to support you of course and go after that dream but that does not mean we can’t be together now. you stopped talking and replying to me. and yes, i know i did push you away. i kept wanting more from you and i am so very sorry for that. i know you didn’t want more but i just kept pushing. and now you wont talk to me. i wonder if you still think about me. i feel like you do because i know how much you cared for me. and i feel like it was so real. i believe you cant be with me now just because your leaving soon but i wish you would at least be my friend and talk to me. i just miss you being in my life. i need you so much closer. we will end up in the same city one day and i pray that at least then you will talk to me. all i think about is you. and when i talk to your friends its not to be creepy its too keep up to date on your life and how you are doing. i miss being in your world. and i know you dont have any one else. but it still hurts. just please come back to me. i wont push you anymore. i just need you because we’re meant to last. everyone makes mistakes. give me a second chance.

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