• P.S. – I Was Falling In Love

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    Dear You,

    It was in the flight of spontaneity of every new encounter with you. The way a single hand placement on my shoulders shot shuttering tingles up and down my spine. The moment I realized we could just sit, entangled in a web of our own limbs, starring into each other’s eyes and not even notice the deathening silence. Your mouth, the way it always found the perfect place to plant a kiss. It’s the way you made me feel gorgeous despite my full head of insecurities. You are beautifully indescribable.

    I can’t say I understand why you chose her over me. I thought we connected on a whole different level, but maybe her level was just slightly higher. I retrace the things I maybe could have done differently so you might have stayed. I play around in my head and convince my self she is just a temporary replacement and that I’m always the one in the back of your mind. I hate the days when I begin to think rationally, that you maybe do love her and I just wasn’t what you were looking for. When I ponder the thought of me being just another girl; those days are the hardest. I wish you would just explain what went wrong. Give me 5 minutes to be able to understand and ask questions.

    It’s not over for me. Everyday is a new day to wake up to our memories. My friends don’t have anymore time to take care of my aching heart, so lately I have been struggling on my own. It frightens me that there is only one of you. You seemed like the perfect match. Even though you have her, I just hope you are not forgetting me and that I do cross your mind every once in a while. I miss you deeply. Thank you for letting me be your girl even if I am just another one to you. Please keep me in your heart for you will forever be in mine.

    Love Me,

    P.S. I Was Falling In Love

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