• Nothing feels right

    by  • June 22, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Moving On • 0 Comments

    Dear ,

    Everything was going better than great. You understood me, and i understood you. we talked non-stop, and loved each other. I snuck out to meet you,and i’m extremely happy i did because you gave me my first kiss. The day after, i happened to find out. You were cheating on me with one of my best friends. Neither of us knew, and we are both furious with you. I stopped talking to you, but you continued to talk to her. That tore me apart but i wouldn’t show it. About 2 weeks later i’m finally forgetting about you, when i get a text. it read ” i miss you”.

    Well what do i do now? How do you expect me to react? Am i supposed to just take you back and pretend that nothing had ever happened? Or do i reject you? i’m not going to lie, it’s a ridiculously hard decision to make, but after thinking about it, one of my biggest weaknesses is forgiving, forgetting, and falling way too easily. Not this time. If i take you back, how do i know that you won’t hurt me again? How can i trust you now? Well the answer is, i can’t. So i reject you. I can honestly say that i can’t remember the last time i cried, but you just changed that. If everybody is saying that it was the right thing to do, then why do i feel so horrible? Why do i regret it? Everything is mixed up and i’m just confused.

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