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    by  • June 22, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Inspiration, Positive Vibes • 0 Comments

    Dear Child,

    You are loved. You are cherished. You are fully known and wholly, truly, deeply loved. There is Someone out there who thinks about you every moment of every day.

    Some days life seems like it has no meaning, that the pain you suffer through is endless and meaningless. It is NOT! There is a plan for your life. These hard times you’re going through are all part of what will make you the beautiful person you are going to become.

    Your life has so much purpose! Whether it’s to save someone’s life through your career, a single action, or just a smile when they’re having a bad day. Whether it’s to change the course of history, or to simply make life worth living. Look for that purpose, find the meaning. I promise it’s there.

    And, please, please, please! Don’t neglect yourself. Take time to enjoy the beauty of creation. Take time to bask in the presence of your friends and loved ones. Take time for yourself to recover, rejuvenate, recharge. Your life is intended to be abundant. Part of that IS struggles, but the other part is straight up joy and satisfaction and awesomeness!!

    So, get enough sleep, take care of your body, do things you love, learn to love who you are, because I KNOW there is at least 2 people out here who you mean the WORLD to.

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