• It’s far too easy to fall in love with you.

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    The only thing that is stopping me from falling in love with you is how much I value our friendship. I lie awake at night wishing you were lying next to me. Whenever something happens in my life I look to you, I want to tell you.

    It took me three months to learn your name and just another three months to welcome you into my life as much as I’ve ever welcomed anyone before. I feel like you know as much as there is to know about me, all my secrets, how I feel and even some things I’ve never told anybody before you.

    You’re not around all too often but when you are around I want to be selfish I want you all to myself and to not have anyone interupt what we have – an amazing friendship!

    I wish circumstances were different, that you didn’t have a girlfriend and there weren’t so many other factors to get in the way because you’re the only male who I’ve ever been able to open up to and trust.

    I can’t help but get over excited by seeing you. Even when I’m just out the shower or even unshowered, no make up and hair a mess. I know you won’t judge. You’ll just demand a cup of tea and sit round the kitchen table making your little “that’s what she said” comments, telling tales of the drunken debauchery of your first year and generally entertaining me.

    Each time, despite the circumstances, is more entertaining than the last. You constantly bring me little tid bits to entertain me. And always a lollipop! You’ve even left your girlfriends in the morning to come make me breakfast. It’s no wonder I’m getting confused by my feelings for you!

    I know you’re with her, whoever she may be. But damn, you make it so easy to fall for you, it takes all my strength not to! I know we were brought together by the most depressing possible situation, but you’re not as tough as you make out (same as you worked out about me), you’ve proved that by coming back time and time again. But be strong, when all this blows over I’ll still be here for you as a friend. Don’t need to give advice to pour a cup of tea after all.

    Thankyou for everything you’ve done for me and one day, i might be able to say all this to your face <3

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