• I think you should know..

    by  • June 22, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Moving On • 0 Comments

    I am sick of hearing how you’re more hurt than anyone else can be, how you never saw this coming and I’m sick of you telling me i have no clue how you feel. As your best friend I will listen and console you but in the back of my head this is what I really would like to say. . .

    Do you remember when I dated that boy? Do you remember how you hated him? Do you remember spreading rumors around school? Do you remember shouting across the hall how we would never be friends? Because I remember all of this very vividly. And a few things happened while you were no longer my friend. Not only did you leave me but so did Jess and many other friends. I was alone. I had no one I could trust and lean on. He broke my heart. And believe it or not, I really truly loved him. Imagine the pain of being stuck in a daily routine with him, I had to put on a mask and pretend things were okay. I can still picture the day he passed a note to me in class that read, “Are you still mad at me for making out with Jess when we were dating?” …I didn’t even know about it until this note. Come to find out he cheated on me 5 times all of which were my friends. I had no one to talk or cry to because you left me. I cried myself to sleep wondering what I had done wrong, only to wake up and sit next to him the next day. It took forever to not think of him every day. I had to get over it myself. You have people you can talk to. You have all of your friends still. You can get away from him unlike me. You’re the one choosing to talk to him.

    I was there from the beginning telling you about your boyfriends past. I tried and tried to warn you that he would only hurt you in the end. When he ruined our friendship by yelling at you every time we hung out because you could be with him and not me, I didn’t leave you. And as your best friend I won’t sit here and tell you “I told you so.”

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