• I forgive you

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    Dear T and T:
    You harmed an innocent 6 year old girl, you did things to her body no child should experience. These acts altered the course of her life forever; because of what you both did, she has never had a healthy relationship with man. She will not let that hurt dominate her life anymore, she will create life from that event, she will be free of your evils. She forgives you.

    Dear M:
    You took a pure love, and beat it out of a young woman. You raised not only your voice, but also your fists. You took a baseball bat to her car window, and tried to drag her out through the shards of glass, only stopping when the police arrived. She forgives you.

    Dear whoever you were:
    You put your hands on a woman on vacation. You violated her in ways that are impure; you compromised her self esteem and elevated her self-loathing. You injured her. She forgives you.

    Dear P:
    You gave false hope of love and marriage; then when your intended was at work, you invited many people into your home and into your bed. Because of your weakness and actions, you gave her an illness. You forever changed the course of her life. She forgives you.

    Dear S:
    A young woman was given hope in love again, she believed in you, in the future. You abandoned her to drugs and alcohol. You have gone on to another place. She does not blame you for your weakness to drugs and alcohol. She forgives you, and prays you finally have peace.

    Dear A:
    You drugged a woman, twisted her legs until they broke, and left her for dead. You subjected her to so much humiliation and embarrassment, she had to move away from her family in order to feel safe. She forgives you.

    Dear J:
    You lied, about everything, to everyone. When confronted with your lies, you lied again, making her feel like she was going mad, not trusting in her instincts. She forgives you.

    I forgive all of you, for everything. It is an act of my will, a decision I make, to not let the past further mold my future. I ask for forgiveness, for those I have hurt as a result of my damaged heart and soul. Because of my past, I sabotaged a relationship with the only good and decent man I have ever met. I do not blame any of your for this; the responsibility is mine. My fierce hold on the past, to not let it repeat in the future, created a cycle of bad choices with bad men. I cannot and will not let that affect me anymore. With forgiveness, I will be able to find peace, to let go, and trust I will be led on a good path. I forgive all of you. Thank you.

    “My prayer remains, ‘God forgive them; they know what they did.’ Because forgiving creates life from death. Because forgiving cleanses the healing wound. Because forgiving builds the bridge of freedom.” -J Pingleton
    “Forgiveness is not an emotion. It is an act of your will.”

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    1. Ty
      April 12, 2013 at 1:36 am

      I know this was written quite some time ago. I stumbled upon it by chance.

      Your story, your strength, your awareness, and your determination touches me and my heart goes out to you.

      I hope the last couple years since you wrote this have been kind to you.

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