• I Don’t Think I even Know You Anymore

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    Seriously WTF? Is all that I have to say.

    What happened to you? Since when did you have that attitude towards someone? What happened to you since we broke up? I don’t even know this person. Steven why are you like this? I wish you would answer me. Steven I don’t even think we can be friends from the way you are acting…and even though I wanted to be friends I just don’t see it anymore and that scares me…Steven, I want you to understand something about us or what we were. I want to explain what I said to you and how you took it.

    1) When I emailed you about being jealous of your friends was because I wanted to hang out with all of you but, now that I have more information I am wondering. Was it because you got drunk with them and played spin the bottle and made out with people? Is that what you did not want me to see? Cause that’s what people are saying and you know how I usually don’t listen to people but, with you not even talking to me I don’t know what to believe anymore.

    2) If you wanted space you should have told me because I would have givin you as much S P A C E as you wanted. I mean seriously you think I would not have?

    3) I can’t believe you would accuse me of talking badly about you! I am not a person who likes to talk behind someone’s back when they get pissed so I can’t even believe that would would say that to me. Also every time I have ever talked about you was how you were such a good boyfriend to me even though one of my friends would always that you were flirting with other girls. Maybe you were I guess I will never know but, Steven I think I at lest deserve a sit down and talk about everything that has happened. That’s what I really want. I am mature enough to have a conversation like that. Why aren’t you?

    So Steven I want you to realize that I deserve better than to be tossed aside like nothing ever happened. Steven what will your choice be? Talk to me and be friends again or, never talk to me again and let our friendship go down the toilet? It’s your choice Steven so I hope one day it will be answered but, right now I am stuck in the dark with many lies surrounding me and I need you to tell me which ones are the truth.

    So Steven answer me for once. Let me be the one who can have answers.

    Your first kiss and your first girlfriend.

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