• “Games”

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    I’m nineteen.
    I’m in love.
    With my girlfriend.
    Who I live with.
    Who I share my life with.
    Who I know – without a shadow of a doubt –
    That I will marry one day.
    I feel it in my soul – that warm, tight knot deep, deep in my chest.

    “Pfft,” my mother says.
    “Just try to stay friends with her after you two break up so we don’t have to move you. AGAIN.”
    “Come on, baby girl,” my father says, like I just told him it was the cat that broke the window, not me. “You’re not going to be with this girl forever. You guys just aren’t ready for that kind of relationship.”
    Playing house, they say.
    Messing around, they say.
    Playing adult games, they say.

    Well, I wanna know when the fuck they become our games! I wanna know at what point do they deem me “old enough” to take on this kind of relationship! At what age do relationships suddenly become “serious”?!

    I love her. She is everything. I wake up at two in the morning and roll over in bed and I catch a glimpse of her, mouth hanging wide open, snoring like a foghorn. And I smile, my chest warms, and I lean over to kiss her cheek, because I can’t not. And it’s moments like that, when she’s a mess, her make-up is smeared, her hair is standing on end, and I KNOW she will be my wife. I know. And I know I’m young. And I know I’m naive. I know I have so much life to live and so much to learn.

    But this is something I know.
    These are our games.
    This is our life.
    This is us.

    And I will marry her.

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