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    Thank you for being so understanding when I told you I was inexperienced, and then being so careful not to rush me.
    Thank you for waiting for me to tell you I liked you and kissing the back of my neck a bagillion times before our lips ever touched.
    Thank you for nervously asking if it was okay the time you ground against me when we were making out in my loft.
    Thanks for making me move your hands to my very inner-most thigh before you first fingered me. As you know, it was my first time. We were watching The Sandlot in my basement and I purposely wore sweat pants so it would be easier if things did happen. Also, extra thanks for asking me out right after, I got a little nervous for a minute, I never wanted you to be just a fuck-buddy.
    Thank you for acting like I did well the first time I gave you a hand job. I was really nervous about it and had never done it before. I was at a terrible angle and I couldn’t tell if you finished or not. It was a lot different, and a lot harder than I expected it to be. Thank you for being adorably nervous when you confessed to me that you didn’t finish, or only had once, when hooking up with other girls. Thank you for appreciating the work I put in to get you there, and thank you for finishing the third time I touched you and almost every time since. And thank you for loving lube so much, it makes me life so much easier and I love to watch your eyes light up when I grab it, it always makes me smile.
    Thank you for watching High School Musical 3 with me even after I already had given you head. I know how much you really did NOT wanna’ watch that movie. And thank you for telling me when my first blow job didn’t quite go as planned. Once again, it was a lot different than I expected it to be, and to be honest, you’re pretty big. I hope I have gotten better, matter of fact, I know I have, because you tell me. Thank you for always keeping communication open between us, especially sexually. It makes everything so much better.
    Thanks for going down on me. All the time. Every time. You know how much I like it, nay, love it. And it makes me love it even more that you like it, too. You gave me some of the strongest orgasms of my life. In fact, I can’t remember the first time you ate me out, I just remember that every time it is awesome, and that you are so good at it, and so patient. Thank you for letting me take my time and making my orgasms as important as yours. Thank you for going down on me even during my period because you knew how much I missed it. And THANK YOU for not being an ass about the time I farted when I was cumming…it was humiliating and one of the few times I have been embarrassed with you, but you were so cool about it.
    Thank you for being my first, for laying down with me on the floor, with the music on, the window open and the fake-fire. Thank you for sticking with it, even though it was so difficult to stay hard with the condom on. Even though the sex wasn’t so great, it was still a great first time because it was us. Thank you for being so patient with my emotions. Thank you for calming my insecurities about my body or your attraction to me when you still had trouble staying hard. Thank you for sharing your insecurities with me and allowing me to assure you that you are great in bed and that I never have to fake it. Thank you for coming with me when I went to the doctor to start the pill. Thank you for writing me that little note. It assured me I wanted to be able to make love with you. Thank you for doing it without lube so that we could take it to the next level, thank you for covering my mouth when I start getting too loud when either of our parents are home. Thank you for last night. Nothing else needs to be said, it was awesome. Thank you for never mentioning that I’ve gained 20 lbs, the only time I still feel sexy is when I am with you. Thank you for looking down (or up) at me during and saying you love me or that I’m beautiful or sexy. You are the best man in the world.
    Thank you for making all my sexual experiences perfect, the first time and every time. Thank you for loving me, and thank you for being you. I will always be grateful.

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