• Finally.

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    February 6th was the day I thought my life was ending. You took everything. Or at least what I thought was everything. Never was I suicidal, or had even thought of hurting myself, but my self esteem and my will to smile was gone, and to me, that was my everything. Five days later, you moved onto one of my friends, after 16 months of dating me, and 12 months of telling me you loved me and would do anything for me. This crushed me, more than you will ever know. A month later, I found someone who turned my life back around. When all we did was argue about who was wrong and the most wronged in our breakup, he supported me, made me laugh, and agreed with me about everything. While he had no idea how his friendship affected me, I became stronger, better. We started to date almost three months ago. Through him, I resent you more than ever. I see how badly you treated me, how I let you run my life. I wish I could tell you that I wish you the best. But I don’t. I can’t lie to you, never have been able to. I’m sorry that you’ve had a hard family life. That your parents divorced when you were young, among other things (things I promised I would never repeat). But that is no excuse for the way you treated me. You did what you could, and I allowed it. Because I “loved” you. Being in a new relationship with someone who truly cares for me, I see what love is. You never once opened my car door for me. Even when I joked around about it, you became furious with me. My car door now gets opened for me at least once a day. You never looked at me the way he looks at me now, like I’m the best thing to happen to him. Because maybe I wasn’t the best thing to happen to you. You had me convinced. You got angry with me when I almost chose a college 5 hours away. I chose against that college for you. Where does that get me? I mean, I’m happy with my choice now, because that puts me closer to the person I truly love, but if I truly mattered to you, why would going to a college 5 hours away from you have such an impact on our relationship? These are the things I’ve wanted to scream at your face for so long, but haven’t had the guts to say.

    Through all of the bullshit I let you put me through, I’m finally happy. The happiest I’ve been in my whole life. I guess all things happen for a reason. So thanks? I learned my lesson, and what a lesson learned. I’m stronger, and my family actually loves my boyfriend. What a nice change.

    Here are my last words to you.
    Screw you, asshole. I hope you miss me. It’s just too bad, you’ve already had the best days of your life with me. Maybe I’ll invite you to the wedding.

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