• Filling the Silence

    by  • June 22, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Heartbreak • 0 Comments


    There has been so much silence since you have been gone.
    So many times I have thought over that moment, when you sent me packing…
    And while I still can’t find my own words to describe how I feel, a few songs can.

    Boy it’s been all this time,
    and I can’t get you off my mind,
    and nobody knows it but me.
    I stare at your photograph
    still sleep in the shorts you left
    and nobody knows it but me
    So many nights I’ve prayed for you to say
    “I should have been chasin you, I should have been tryin to prove
    that you were all the mattered to me. I should have said all the things
    that I kept inside of me, and maybe I could have made you believe
    that what we had, was all we’d ever need.”

    No this ain’t how this was supposed to be.
    What about the promise that you made to stay with me till your dyin day
    said you’d never go away
    are they just things that people say?

    So If you see me out on the town
    and it looks like I’m burnin it down
    you won’t ask
    and I won’t say
    But in my heart
    I’m always
    Somewhere with you.

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