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    Dear “You drive me crazy”,

    So When it’s written all out, it no longer seems to be such a tragedy. I look at all of it and think about how completely stupid the situation is. I just want to know a couple of things without making it all Romeo and Juliet…Why did you try to kiss me that one time? When I say the word “try” I mean that the kiss never happened. I feel like you took me on this psychological ride of yours. Why did I stay on for the whole ride? I’m still not sure where I have been left off.

    And now you are coming to see me very soon, and it is only because you have to be in the area anyway. God forbid you go 20 minutes out of your way to see a “real good friend”. I am sorry, maybe I should offer you gas money.(not) I wanted to be excited about this, but I can’t be if your heart isn’t in it. Why do you only do these things for yourself? You often wonder why people act so shitty.

    I have grown to wonder if you really have all of those friends that you talk about, unless they are like me, and you charm them into being yours to play with. I noticed that once I stop playing you get very frustrated. And now I am wasting my life writing this letter that I may never tell you about in person. Am I really so afraid of what you will think, Probably not because we have had similar arguments before. I am just trying to figure out how I really feel about you. I sort of hate to say this, but I thought that I was in love with you.

    I also hate to be negative, now what should I do when I see you, what should I expect? Will you just leave after an hour and be happy with that? Or will we actually do something? I know that I haven’t given you a present yet, There is only so much of myself that I can give to you. Is that something that you are holding against me? In your eyes does that mean that we are not real great friends? Well let me tell you something, I have tolerated many things from you. I can only give you my love and support, which I HAVE done since we became friends. I wasn’t aware that you would demand so much in the end. I demand the things that I should. Respect, loyalty, and honesty. I cannot conform to your moods and pick up all the shit that you leave in my life, as though you feel like you can just take a shit anywhere at any time because you have done good deeds in the past. It really doesn’t work that way.

    And no matter how much you may think you know about me, let me make it clear that you really don’t know a thing that’s worth knowing. Unless it’s a bluff, you have proved it. Even if you did know a thing worth knowing, you wouldn’t even admit to it, because that would mean that you would have to confess that you were actually paying full attention to someone other than yourself.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I do like the fact that we are friends, I love it. I only hope that we can be as great friends as I thought we were, but you really need some work,(I realize that I am not perfect, but you know that I have never hurt you) and it’s ok to tell me things that are bothering you. I mean serious things. I hope that I can do the same with you. You know I will be there. I will always try to understand, though I may not always agree with your opinions, just don’t get into the habit of treating me like a lap dog or a second-rate friend because I see your weaknesses and I never try to humiliate you in public, not even in private. You know that I am usually the one that is always around. I tolerate you at times like these because I love you as a friend.

    PS> It is great when we can laugh together. I like to see the “raw you”.

    “Let’s ask directions”

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