• Choose Me

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    It’s almost been one year since we first kissed. It’s a moment I will never forget. I had waited for years for that moment, secretly blushing every time you just looked my way. Your eyes were the deepest brown I had ever seen, and could easily look into mine and straight into my soul. Your lips… it seemed as if they were molded to fit mine. Your hands, always warm, could always find the small of my back to bring me closer to you. Your laugh was infectious, your smile brightened even the darkest of days.

    Every sweet word that spilled out of that perfect mouth made my heart swell then weep. You knew the perfect way to make me feel like everything and nothing at the same time. I had never been someone’s second best before. Your words were lethal. If only I could be yours, if only things were simplier, if only we could run away, if only I were a bit older, if only you didn’t have complications, if only if only if only if only if only.

    We were so perfect together. You admitted it. You told me you had never been with someone that felt so right. So why are you still with her? I gave you my everything. You were my first choice, my only choice. You told me you loved me. You don’t remember though. You called me, late one night. One time, two times, three times, until I finally picked up. You told me how much you missed my body next to yours. You told me that I was beautiful, that I was perfect. Then you said goodnight. Those three powerful words came out, and we hadn’t even been together two months.

    I look back at everything that’s happened over the last year. We still talk, our business left unfinished. She found out, left you, and then came back. I had a boyfriend come and go, and yet another one come along. I can’t love him fully though, because of you. I need either closure or for you to choose me. Love me. Realize that we are still perfect for each other. That we could be happy together. That I accept you, all of you, every perfect imperfection. That you make me deliriously happy. Or let me go. Stop messing with my head, let me be. Let me forget you. But please, please, never forget me.
    Forever yours.

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