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    Oh futility in these kisses

    but I can’t help but fall so recklessly back to where we were

    only three hundred and sixty five days ago.

    May be a mistake.

    But carnal hunger envelops me, blackens my vision,

    claws out from the depths of my core

    and I act savagely upon them.

    I’ve not ruined anything,

    except for maybe some deep buried feelings

    whose surfaces I have exposed

    by blowing softly upon the dust of denial.

    (And also maybe some sheets.)

    Rules, shall we?

    A week latency period, before and after the fact.

    I’m not a booty call.

    If no kisses were a rule,

    I would have been bitter.

    For secretly in between,

    I would touch him with the lips of a lover

    and not a friend.

    You can’t say I love you.

    Or, at least

    you can’t admit it.

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      July 15, 2011 at 10:47 pm

      i love this!!!

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