• To Kevin

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    This is a letter to let you know that I am cutting you out of my life. Forever. You are no longer going to be in my life. You do not get to meet the man who loves me. You do not get to walk me down the aisle. You do not get to meet my children. They will not even know about you until they are old enough to ask me. And when they ask me I will tell them “Your grandfather is not a part of my life, and therefore is not a part of yours.” When they are eighteen, if they still want to know about you, I will give them your name ONLY after I tell them what you did to me. Then they can make their decision. But if they want to meet you, I will be there to keep an eye on you.

    You might be wondering why I’ve cut you off. That’s because you are in complete denial about what you did to me. You’re very lucky that it happened after I turned eighteen because otherwise you would be getting this letter in jail. You probably planned it that way. You know very well what you did to me on the night of my high school graduation, and what you did on several other occasions. That is why I am cutting you out of my life. You lost the privilege of being my father by touching me in ways that were so wrong.

    I do not want me children to be near you. Even though you probably wouldn’t do anything to my daughters until they were eighteen. But as I said before, I will not leave you alone with them. Ever. I will not be alone with you anymore. Ever.


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