• The Jelly Baby

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    Here’s to us, a bow of friendship.

    We have been through everything together, I remember when we first started to become friends.

    Reid street school year 6, I was made to sit next to a girl I didn’t like, no particular reason why I didn’t like her just she was in a different class in year 4 maybe?! That’s certainly irrelevant now, she stole my stationary everyday no matter how much i shouted at her she still did it this infuriated me, the tongue hanging out whilst writing some powerful paragraph.

    Later in the year her grandfather passed away, we’d been getting on okay, the teacher asked me to sit on the first aid bench, I watched her tears roll down her face, maybe I’d hurt her not sharing being enemies because of different classes. That moment of pain I loved her and wanted to care.

    My life at the moment has been wobbly, my ups and downs always seem to come at once I left what I thought was the love of my life for an amazing friend and partner.

    One lady has been my rock all my life since i’ve known her, she makes my life worth living when i hit the bottom, she scrapes me off the floor when everything round me falls apart,

    The hardest thing I ever lost was my baby and my dad. But physically my baby was the hardest thing touching it feeling the pain i’m so lost but my loved ones are helping me.

    I love her she’s my everything and always will be

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