• I’m sorry.

    by  • June 21, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Moving On • 0 Comments

    One week, that’s all it took. One week to forget about everything we had been through in those two and a half years, after you ripped me apart inside out. You were my world. You left me with nothing and completely forgot that I even existed. So I moved on, after one week. But I am happy. He makes me smile, like you never could. He treats me like I deserved to be treated all those years you forgot we were even together. He reminds me that I am not just some silly girl that falls in love. He reminds me I deserve to be loved in return, and to have a full commitment from that person. He reminds me that i won’t get hurt with him. He is taking me to Disneyland. The one thing I had requested of you through those 2.5 years… and you couldn’t do that. I didn’t even ask him. He wants kids, he wants marriage, and a dog, and most of all he wants me… I want him too. But it scares me when I move on, will you come back? I won’t take you back, not after everything. Finally I’m happy, can’t you let me be happy?

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