• fuck this

    by  • June 21, 2011 • Friends • 0 Comments

    hi my name is bobjoe and my life is so fucking ruined! i’m 15 years old and i got into a fight with my BESTFRIEND, she was always there for me from day one and i want her to be in my life forever. i made a stupid mistake that i should have never done. i wish things were back to normal. we used to do everything together!!! everything!! and there was one day i was stupid and did something that i would have never done if i knew that we were never gunna be as close as we were before! i wish i could take it back so bad!!! i wish i can tell her how i feel but i know she will probly just laugh in my face!i love her with all my heart but things will never be the same again because of me ! i’m sorry for everything i’ve done. i love yooou boo bear

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