• Buttercup

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    Your nickname for me…buttercup. I’ve never felt more special. I wasn’t expecting something as simple as a nickname to give me butterflies and make me blush.

    I just want you to see me, in the same way I see you.

    Without even the slightest touch or caress, my body tingles when you’re near me. I long for your embrace..only to realize that you are in the arms of another.

    You have me wrapped around your finger. I’m not too sure if you see it, but part of me thinks that you like to mentally tease me.

    When you look into my eyes, I lose my breath. I try to divert my attention, but my eyes always wander back to you. You keep me intrigued and I don’t understand it.

    You make me happy, even on my saddest days…and I have never encountered anyone else who could do that. You truly are the only exception.

    You analyze me..you understand me. It makes me absolutely crazy that you cracked my code.
    I’m reserved..I’m quiet..I’m complicated.
    You get me..and yet I’m still so naive about you.

    I’m good at figuring people out..but you..you’re different.
    Mysterious, curious..my James Bond.

    Only suits..the only thing I’ve every seen you wear has been a god damn suit. My imagination and curiosity spin out of control as I try to create an image of you outside of this environment.

    You’re sexy…so unbelievably handsome, sexy, and suave. I honestly don’t think you know it…and I’m too afraid to tell you. But then again, you may already know it…but you keep it a secret because that’s part of your mysterious ways. Hell if I know…just another mystery.

    You make sense…all of the time. You never annoy me, or put my opinions down. You have so much power, control, wisdom, and strength. I’m truly amazed by you.

    I wish for one day you would turn off your internal sensor and just actually say what you feel, instead of walking away trying to hold it in. That makes me go crazy…I like it.

    You tell me on a day to day basis that you just want to be held.
    Let me hold you. I will hold you until you feel the love and compassion that you deserve. All I ask in return is for you to do the same. We both need to be held…it’s obvious.

    I’ll never pursue anything..but I don’t know if I can continue to hold back my feelings.
    I try to keep my guard up..but it seems as if every time you come around, you know the magic words to make it fall down.

    I leave every day wanting more..more attention from you, more meaningful gazes, more body language.

    I always wonder what you’re thinking on your car ride home. Or where you keep that pink and blue hair clip that you quit wearing on your tie.

    You mesmerize me…and that’s never happened to me before.
    You make me feel good, mentally…and it scares the hell out of me.

    You’ll never see this…which means you’ll never know how perfect I think you are.

    Thanks for all of the altoids…I like sharing them with you.
    You don’t know this…but I check my purse every day, hoping that you slip that folded ten dollars back. I liked that game.

    Oh. By the way…in my eyes you’re better looking than Jason Bateman…and a hell of a lot funnier.

    You’re crazy, I’m crazy…we could be insane together…
    Just one move and I’m yours..


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