• You

    by  • June 20, 2011 • * Safe for Work *, Miss You • 0 Comments


    I miss you so much. As much as I complained to people about how badly you treated me, I’d rather have that with you than be happy with anyone else. I pretended I didn’t care or at least tried to. It hurt way too much when you’d ignore me. You were just being a guy, but you never saw how that felt. I kept everything hidden from you because I was so afraid that you would end our “perfect-ness”. I know now that things seem so much better after the fact. I keep replaying my favorite parts of our movie over and over again in my head and I can’t help but want to cry. The tears don’t come out anymore. They never did. I knew that as soon as I was the one to get fed up enough to stop the madness that it would end forever. I compromised too much for you. And to make my internal hurricane worse, you still try to talk to me. It seems like every time I convince myself I am 100% completely over you, you find a way to come back into my life. Please, for my sake, make a decision. Want me or don’t. I don’t think I could handle ever being friends with you ever again. I’m never going to stop loving you. So decide. I want to feel your arms around me again. If you choose to forget me, let me go then. I’ll have to move on eventually. This new guy is really nice and I want to like him, but I can’t because I still hold onto that shred of hope that you’ll remember what we had and come running back. I miss you so much.


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